Hydraulic winch We-1400/1700/2200

We-1400/1700/2200 hydraulic winch is a gear-driven winch to achieve the best effect. With different engine sizes we get pulling power 1400/1700/2200 kp. The drum is large and holds 40m/6mm or 35m/8mm wire. The winch is built on a plate with fasteners that can be easily attached to all grapple loaders. The winch is powerful and can handle a demanding environment.

The winch is controlled with a 2 channel radio and you get an engine braked mode, a press of the UT button exposes the drum and the cable can be pulled out. The valve has both manual and electric control.

The winches above are delivered complete with hoses, couplings and valve which are connected in series with the grapple loader's hydraulic circuit.

It is also possible to buy the winch without hose and valve if the winch is to be mounted in another location, you can then control it from a double-acting socket. Mount it on a forwarder and control it from the existing system.

• Can be mounted on all grapple loaders • Compact and protected design
• Supplied complete with all hoses • Can be driven manually or by radio
• Simple and quick assembly • Safe and easy driving with radio

Weimer Johansson

Weimer designs and manufactures machines for the forest.